Save time by knowing your trailer location

Track your assets real-time and get the exact location of every truck and / or trailer. Because of the very accurate representation you can even search for your own terrain. This way you will never be faced with surprises again!

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Get more efficiency from your trailer park use

Meaningful data gives you a good insight into your trailer park. You know at any time of the day which trailers are on the road and which are standing still. If a trailer has been stationary for some time, then you know what you have to do. Save unnecessary costs that are incurred.

Occupancy rate

Efficiently plan maintenance based on mileage and timely MOT

No more old fashioned documents needed to know when an asset/trailer needs to be inspected. Receive notifications when an MOT date approaches. Your workshop may now plan maintenance work, based on actual driven kilometers.


Access to the exclusive trailer application

Not only you can gain insights about your assets in the online dashboard, it is also possible with our handy app. Get an all seeing eye, search for numbers or look at your own created selections.

Trailr App

Easily increase the return on all your assets

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