Our platform offers a broad spectrum of applications that create more cost efficiency, safety and sustainability for your truck and trailer.

Road Behaviour

Set desired goals for your drivers and receive real-time feedback. Advanced insights for optimised savings.

Dash Cam

All-revealing answers with our real-time images in case of unexpected events.

Eye Tracking

Registers inattentiveness and tiredness immediately. Helps to avoid drastic consequences for the fleet owner.

Remote Diagnostics

Determine problems from a distance and decide if the truck can continue its itinerary.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Save up to 2,5% fuel costs with our tire pressure monitor and avoid blowouts.

Fuel Monitor

With the fuel monitor you can gain insights that let you focus on the important things.

Fuel protect

Avoid fuel theft! Get an immediate alarm if the fuel level is sinking whilst the truck is standing still and/or the motor is off. Coming soon!

Track & Trace

Real-time insight into the location of your trucks and your trailers. Avoid any undesired surprises!


The powerful and flexible character of the platform allows for a wide array of solutions.


A module with unknown possibilities

Modern fleet owners have the need for a new kind of telemetry system. A system that offers real-time insight into the status of every truck and every driver. A flexible system that integrates almost all modern measurement solutions in one single platform. In short: a system that offers more simplicity, less costs and more insight into your fleet. Get to know Route42 N-Able: the telemetry system of the future.

Specificaties N-Able.


The most versatile track & trace solution at low costs.

Optimise the use of your fleet, plan maintenance efficiently and lower the chances of theft with the track & trace solution from Route42. N-Dure is an extremely robust and powerful unit that offers you the right insights into your trailers. You can configure the frequency, create your own fleets and add new functions. All is possible with this flexible solution.

Specificaties N-Dure.

Road Behaviour Monitor for safer driving

To successfully help your drivers improve their driving skills, you first need to accurately chart their road behaviour. Results that are registered are: braking forcefully, accelerating fast, driving fast over speed bumps, taking corners fast, rolling without gas and the use of cruise control. All of the above are then represented in our online dashboard so that the fleet manager or owner can utilize them. With these insights you can immediately intervene where necessary or compliment your driver for his textbook road behaviour.

Road Behaviour Monitor

Hardware Requirements:

  • N-Able

Smart Dashboard Cameras for more safety

Dashboard cameras are unmissable in the world of modern transport. They can register accidents and give irrefutable answers when it comes to responsibility. But what if they could also help to avoid accidents by warning the drivers if they are too close to the vehicle in front? Or if they would register when a driver is distracted? What if they would save all the images directly into the cloud? All of this is possible when the Dashcam is connected with N-Able.


Hardware requirements:

  • N-Able
  • Dashcam

Focus on the road

Sending a quick text whilst driving or finishing the ride even though you are tired? Sounds familiar?

A lack of attention and tiredness are two of the most common causes of accidents. Our system will register them immediately. It will then alarm the driver and if necessary also the fleet owner.

Eye Tracking

Hardware Requirements:

  • N-Able
  • Eyetracker

Remote Diagnostics of errors help to avoid unnecessary downtime

What to do if one of your trucks is abroad and receiving an error signal on its way to a customer? You do not want to deal with unnecessary downtime or expensive emergency maintenance in that case and you sure can not let your customer down. With our remote diagnostics module you can analyse the problem from a distance. That way you can decide whether your truck can continue to drive or if it needs to be direct towards the closest service point.

Remote Diagnostics

Hardware Requirements:

  • N-Able

No more blowouts thanks to a precise tire monitor

Blowouts are a common problem, but they are preventable if attended in time. The current prevention systems however are often too expensive for most transport companies. By simply connecting the tire pressure monitor with our N-Able you will not only save half of the costs; you will also get more accurate results. The driver will get notified in time before the tire blows, whilst the fleet owner will immediately be informed about a potential delay of the shipment.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Hardware Requirements:

  • N-Able
  • In-Tire sensors
  • Receivers

Universal fuel monitoring from an independent party

Continuously monitoring the fuel consumption of your truck or bus fleet, 24 hours per day, wherever you are? It is possible. Fuelsave from Route42 is a new and innovative system that measures precisely what your trucks consume per ride. Whether they are driving on the highway with full speed or they are standing still during a short stop: everything is registered. This way you always know how fuel-efficient your trucks really are and you can get the consumption under control. You can save a lot of fuel this way.

Fuel Save

Hardware Requirements:

  • N-Able

Fuelprotect prevents fuel theft

Fuelprotect is continuously and very precisely measuring the fuel level in the tank, regardless of the ignition. This makes it practically impossible for truck drivers or fuel-thiefs to tap fuel unnoticed.The Fuelprotect App will immediately notify you if there are any unusual deviations.

Fuel protect

Hardware Requirements:

  • N-Able
  • FuelSensor

With Track & Trace you will never lose sight of a truck or a trailer again

With N-Able you will always have real-time insight into the location of your truck. Check the progress on the route, the current speed of the truck and see whether your driver is riding or resting.

With N-Dure you are always up to date about the location of your trailers. A powerful battery pack will make sure you do not lose track of them, even when they are disconnected for a longer period of time.

Track & Trace

Hardware Requirements:

  • N-Able and/or N-Dure

Tailored Solutions

The strong and flexible platform allows for custom-made solutions to your questions. The open platform enables you to develop a solution. Of course we are always happy to help. We can add intelligent application thanks to our in-house engineering and ICT expertise.



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