Trailer tracking
Intelligence with (our) hardware.

Stay informed. Save money. Drive safer.

Extend your knowledge with our N-dure, N-dure Plus or already purchased hardware.

Optimize operations
Automate routine inspections, workflows and gain full control of your fleet.  By automatically receiving real-time alerts, your organisation can act immediately on problems and potential savings.
Improve margins

Prevent under billing with detailed analytic reports on average trip kilometers, waiting times and running hours of the cooling engine. Save fuel, optimise routes and increase uptime of your fleet with over-the-air truck diagnostics and real-time fault code alerts.

Increase safety

With our beautiful and usable driver reports applications and an insightful online dashboard, improving driving behavior is childsplay. On average driving behavior improves by 18% when successfully utilising our analytical suite. Get instant alerts on your smartphone when incidents occur.

Know every move with track & trace

Track & Trace offers the information you need to be fully aware of everything related with any journey your truck makes. In other words, tracking the progress of driving routes, the current speed of the vehicle, knowing whether your driver is resting or driving is now all available to you. Track & Trace, the perfect solution for real-time insight of your truck.

We also provide a track and trace application, called Trailr for iOS and Android.

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Positively influence driving behavior

Being able to precisely monitor the driver behavior based on various parameters, are the first steps in coaching drivers to improve their driving behavior.

Recorded events are: hard braking, hard acceleration, speeding over bumps, hard cornering, rolling out and cruise control. These events are in a simple and clean way presented in our online dashboard so that the fleet manager or the owner can make conclusions and take actions. With these insights you can intervene directly where it is needed or compliment a driver for his exemplary driving behavior.

We also provide a driving behavior application, called Truck Hero for iOS and Android.

What are you waiting for?

By automatically uploading all your POI and customer location the platform gives you direct insight in waiting times. Get real-time alerts when the waiting times exceeds the norm. Easily bill the excess waiting hours to your customer. Integrate the waiting times to improve planning adherence.

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Utilise your assets in the best way possible.

Gain insight into your fleet utilisation. Easily download  assets which are not utilised and invest in time to meet your customer demand.

MOT & Maintenance

One overview with all upcoming routine and regulatory  inspections of your asset or tacho by leveraging our integration with government databases.

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Transport intelligentie platform koppelingen
Connect even more sensors to gain more insights.

Our system is designed in such a way that multiple external sensors can be connected. For example, door locks or other sensors.

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