Vehicle data in, intelligence out

Fleetbot beta

One of the main solutions of the Intelligence Platform is the Fleetbotbeta. With the Fleetbotbeta you automatically receive the most important notifications at the right time and through different channels. This way you are only alerted when it is needed.


Bring together your existing logistical data sources such as planning, existing FMS, charters and external suppliers without having to set up and maintain complex software integrations.


Because we integrate new data every week, we repeatedly add new insights and therefore intelligence to our platform. Think about combining (historical) information about the weather, traffic and even more indicators to predict how long certain trips can last. The possibilities are literally endless. The more data we connect, the more we can enrich.


As we process new data sources, we can get new insights every week. We continuously add value to our data by identifying interesting links between different types of data sources. In our view, this intelligence is crucial to stay ahead of the competition.


Integrate data at the click of a button using our smartphone tracking app ‘Track Me’ in combination with the Transport Intelligence Platform.

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