Our joint passion, drive and bold ambition makes you a winner.

Enjoy the ride!

Route42 are leading a data-driven movement to revolutionize the transport industry with accessible business intelligence. We exist at the intersection of smart data and transport business’s assets, where we deliver a world of insight and opportunity directly to the fingertips of today’s savviest transport entrepreneurs.

We’ve already optimized over 20 million kilometers of road for fleet drivers. This includes tracking driver behavior, fuel consumption, technical faults or accidents – even tire pressure! Enhancing your own fleet with Route42 simply involves connecting your business’s data sources to our powerful Intelligence Platform. The enjoyment of leaving any competition in your dust is an added bonus.

You’ll find our HQ in Breda, the Netherlands – the central logistics gateway to Europe. Here our specialized team of transport data strategists and technologists work like mad professors to further streamline your business through the magic of data.

Our Purpose

We want you to work smarter, not harder! Ambitious transport entrepreneurs are constantly driven to do what’s best for business. But the challenging cycle of intense workloads, unpredictable circumstances, and low margins can take its toll… Without careful management, this constant pressure erodes driver safety, vehicle sustainability, and business productivity. So – we put our heads together to create an incredibly smart solution that seeks to keep your fleet safe and profitable.

Route42 is designed to optimize your transport business’s assets (especially your fleet) by tracking and leveraging vital data. This data translates into actionable insights, which hold the power to accelerate the efficiency of your entire transport business.

Data intelligence is transforming the face of our industry. You can watch on the sidelines… Or your business can join the movement by taking Route42 on your next journey!

Our Clients and Partners

Route42’s smart data solution is distributed to a solid base of transporters and their surrounding ecosystem including OEMs, hardware providers and insurers. We’ve built great relationships with the people we work with – probably because we’re all huge supporters of the power of Transport Intelligence!

Our client list features successful local and international industry names such as GVT, Verhoek, Lubbers, Bakker, TVM, EasyTrip, HSF, De Rooy, Limpens and Jan de Rijk.

Founded in 2015

Route42 was founded in 2015 by brothers Jasper and Max den Dopper. They began to explore this intriguing new thing called “Transport Intelligence”.

Partnership TVM

At the beginning of 2015 TVM, one of the largest transport insurers, becomes a partner of Route42. Together they go for zero victims in transport by road and water by 2020. They don’t only work together for accident prevention but also for cost savings for the transporter.

Company car RAI 2015

At the end of 2015, Route42 will be on the Innovation Lab of the company car event in the RAI in Amsterdam. Route42 now supplies its TPMS (Tire Pressure Management System) to various DAKAR teams including: Team de Rooy and Fried van de Laar racing.

Move 2015

Because of the growth we have moved to a new home, Weidehek 125b in Breda.

Scope 2015

Just before Christmas we have a scoop, dashcam videos can be sent directly to the Cloud!

DAKAR 2016

Route42 with new technology in DAKAR 2016. Ten Dakar teams will be using technology, tire pressure and temperature monitor, from Route42 at the beginning of January 2016.

RDW certification

Blood, sweat and more than 150,000 test kilometres later, at the end of Q1, Route42 is certified by the RDW. They can start to make transport much safer, more environmentally friendly and more cost-efficient!

TVM Pilot

Large-scale TVM pilot ‘safe driving behaviour’ starts in early 2016. The first N-ables have been installed.

Nomination 2016

Route42 has been nominated for both the Rising Star Award and the Brabant Logistics Starter 2016.

Launch 'in tire sensors'

Launch of the system 'in tire sensors' trucks. In cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Brabant region, De Verkeersonderneming and TVM insurance, Route42 developed a system with 'in-tire sensors' for both a truck and trailer.

Launch N-dure

Launch of the N-dure, trailer tracking!

Launch Argus app

At the end of 2016 Route42 launches the Argus app. The driver and his Fleet Manager can analyse together the driving behaviour and learn from these insights.

Move 2017

Because of the success and expansion of the team, Route42 is forced to move to a larger building at Emmastraat 6D in Breda.

Launch Fleet Manager

At the start of Q2, Route42 launches the virtual Fleet Manager. The application makes the driver events more understandable and helps with coaching drivers.

Launch DMP

Around summer time, Route 42 launches their Data Management Platform (DMP)

NOAH17 Londen

Route42 gives an appearance at NOAH17 London. The international start-up event for the road to growth. Proud to be among the top of the leading startups of digital companies.

Winter BBQ 2017

At the end of November the first edition of the Route42 Winter BBQ takes place. During this event our customers had the opportunity to network, share innovations and drink some beers!

Route42 goes Europa

Route42 takes the next step in Europe and expands to Belgium. The first step in the direction to become the European fleet Intelligence Platform for transport companies.

New website

Launch new website


Our Story

Route42 was founded in 2015 by brothers Jasper and Max den Dopper.

Before its launch, Jasper worked in the automotive industry and Max was an online technology professional. Inspired by some of the most demanding automotive challenges in the world, such as Jasper’s experience with the Dakar Rally, they began to explore this intriguing new thing called “Transport Intelligence”.

But their shared research unearthed a scary revelation: transport entrepreneurs were bending over backwards running their day-to-day business, while margins were only thinning. They realized traditional transport businesses were still operating on reactive decisions based on gut feelings – not concrete data! This was no longer a viable way to run a business.

Convinced by the insanity of transport managers repeating the same thing but expecting better results, Jasper and Max sought a remedy in the world of Transport Intelligence…

The brothers invested their time and private savings into this promising new form of technology. The results of their first few customers were extremely hopeful.

By applying data intelligence to transport businesses there were instant opportunities for optimization! Cue lengthy meetings, bottomless coffee and a few decent beers. The brothers emerged from planning mode with two clear observations –

  1. Mass Unawareness of Opportunity – Busy transport entrepreneurs just want to be supported. They avoid worrying about higher market demands, working harder against competition or chasing receding margins. Only ambitious transport entrepreneurs seek new business-growth opportunities and understand the pivotal role of technology and data.
  2. New Platform Needed to Accelerate Business
    Smart, data-driven, autonomous robots and platforms are rising in popularity in the automotive and logistics industries – a green light to create their own unifying Transport Intelligence Platform! They needed to build beyond existing platforms like TMS, FMS or WMS, with a focus on providing preventative and predictive real-time insight to fleet managers. Above all – the brothers knew their platform had to enable business growth.

Max and Jasper’s grand plan to create a revolutionary transport Transport Intelligence Platform came to fruition under the company name ‘Route42’. If you’ve read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams you’ll know number ‘42’ apparently signifies the meaning of life. In the case of our founders, their data-driven technology navigates all the fundamental questions and worries the modern transport entrepreneur has about their business operations. Despite one being galactic and the other logistic, the ultimate destination is the same: a state of happiness!