Announcing Automations and Track Me: Automated tasks and a new smartphone GPS tracking app for even more efficient fleet management.

Having the right information at the right time is vital for any business more so for fleets in this ever changing demanding environment. Adapting to, and managing, customer demands is taking up more and more time and the importance of good customer service is increasing.  

That’s why we’re excited to announce Automations and Track Me. The automated alert system for fleet management and a smartphone GPS tracking app giving real-time fleet oversight and control to all carriers.

Automate fleet management tasks 

After speaking to a number of our clients it became apparent that fleet managers are sick and tired of repeating the same daily time-consuming tasks that come with their job. 

Meet Automations: the automated alert and notification system that will allow you to automate fleet management and set your fleet on cruise control. 

Including features that mean you no longer need to track and count the number of trailers and other assets at a client’s base (only to realise you have more assets on standby at their location than agreed, or that you have less and will be dealing with an angry customer unless you solve that quickly!), or to manually keep track of MOT expiry dates of your assets; Automations facilitates improved operational efficiency and fleet up-time.

Create and play by your own rules. Sign up now to automate fleet management and never repeat the same thing twice.

Automate fleet management

Smartphone tracking App

We are rolling out Track Me – part of the Route42 smartphone app available for both Android and iOS devices. Track Me enables all drivers to track their journey, and includes features to make comments about the journeys driven. 

Requiring no new hardware and with the combination of phone tracking and our existing applications such as Trace, Waiting Times and Automations, you do not need to be at your desk to be able to update your customers of their expected delivery times or to communicate with your drivers. Using the mobile Route42 dashboard and mobile Track Me app you can do it all from your smartphone no matter where you are. 

The Route42 app puts the power of our intelligence transport platform in your pocket. Ready to take it further? Sign up to the FREE tracking app

Tracking gps smartphone app

Want to find out more about Route42 and our fleet intelligence solutions? Contact us on [email protected] or pick up the phone and call +32 76 886 2205.

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