Announcing more third-party integrations. NIC-place, Welcome to the group!

At Route42 we appreciate the importance of building on existing systems to make our clients’ business perform better by giving them the best insights and tools that work for them. 

This is why we provide the ability to integrate your existing third-party telematics software with our Transport Intelligence Platform. We also give clients the possibility to maintain use of their current platform with enriched data being provided by us. 

As we process new data sources we get more insights into data. Continuously identifying interesting links between different types of data sources, enable us and you to stay ahead of the competition.

Our latest integration is with NIC-place, a 360° logistics platform for every participant along the supply chain. 

With the use of location data provided through NIC-place, clients can have access to our Trips, Track and Waiting Times applications as well as the alerts system linked to these apps. Be warned when an asset has been in a point of interest for longer than you have deemed necessary or the fuel level is low, or it has entered and left a geofenced area. The possibilities are endless.

If your assets are equipped with temperature or door sensors and if data through NIC-place is integrated with our system, our Temperature application will provide you with the necessary temperature and door tracking and alert system for your temperature regulated assets. If an asset is registered in the Netherlands and has a dutch number plate our MOT application will synch your assists with the RDW database and alert you to vehicles with upcoming MOT expiration dates. This centralised system also gives you oversight into your assets’ tachograph expiration dates. Thereby making sure that you plan and prevent fines for missing any regulatory obligations, with minimal effort. 

If you need help finding your API token or have any questions about the integration, email our helpdesk. Would like to know more about Route42’s telematic solutions and third-party integrations, email us on [email protected] or call +31 76 866 2205.

– Fueled by data, driven by intelligence –

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