Technical Support Representative

Location Breda
Hours per week 40
Education HBO

What you tell people at parties
“I help people with tech questi.. uhh.. I do something with clients.”

The company
Route42 is a single universal transport intelligence platform which is able to connect various data sources to a single dashboard. These data sources could be any type of truck, trailer, external hardware, external API calls and Route42 hardware. This data forms insights for the customer on their dashboard and shows them movement, driving behavior and fuel usage of their fleet.

The open character of Route42 allows for a lot of customer input. This made Route42 into what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow. It is a product defined by its users and user potential.

The position
All data sources from trucks and trailers coming together in the dashboard lead to insights for our customers on which they rely for their day to day business. It happens that a customer has difficulty with understanding the results or the input.

It’s your job to be the first listening ear for the client and find a solution to their problem. A solution to a problem is preferably a solution you have to give only once. Automating things should be your second nature and you’re not afraid of writing a query.

Armed with the technical documentation and a motivation to help the client you aren’t afraid to visit our clients, drink a cup of coffee and show them how to connect some wires.

The job is varied and covers among other things, diving into data to get insight, shipping hardware, debugging hardware, supporting clients at the helpdesk and playing table football with your colleagues.

Core tasks include:

  • Act as a first point of contact for customers via phone and email
  • Basic onsite hardware support when remote debugging isn’t working
  • Automating processes/responses required by the helpdesk
  • Building data dashboards in a tool like bigQuery to show clients value out of raw data and to quickly debug questions related to processed data
  • Register hardware using an API, pack them for the clients and ship them out.
  • Take in hardware returns and figure out why they broke, if they did
  • Analyze customer questions at the helpdesk and decide on the next steps
  • Possibly train users in how to use the dashboard

Your profile

  • HBO thought level, diploma not required
  • Affinity with IT and experience with programming
  • Affinity with hardware is a pro, not a must, it’s not rocket science
  • Eager to learn, we’re eager to teach
  • Determined to automate, try not to do the same thing twice
  • Creative, the client didn’t figure it out, so we have to
  • Team spirit, we all have the same goal to work on, get the clients to a next level
  • Honest, let’s say it how it is so we can think about the next steps

Route42 is all about staying cutting edge, our clients, products and employees benefit from this. You can count on a strong but fun team. You will find yourself working in an environment where knowledge and experience trumps seniority, and where you manage and assign tasks to yourself.

As customer support you will find your way into an environment where you work with colleagues to help customers with product questions. More importantly however, you help figure out what customers really need to get to the next level. You will work in close cooperation with the customer success manager. With the main focus on iteration on help & documentation we send to clients.

Oh and BTW, we are a start-up. Some level of excitement and unorganized chaos is to be expected, but fun is guaranteed!

Contact us
Do you have question about this vacancy or book an appointment directly? Give us a call +31(076) 886 2205 or mail [email protected].


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