The advantages of trailer tracking for fleet management

As a fleet manager juggling various responsibilities time is never in your favour. Do you often find yourself spending time on mundane tasks and paperwork that is hindering you from applying yourself to issues which require your attention, or worse still, taking some well deserved time off? 

Working efficiently and having the appropriate tools to do so is vital. With GPS tracking your fleet is monitored automatically, providing you with visibility over all your assets. Yes, assets: it is not only trucks that can be tracked but all the components that make up your fleet to provide better monitoring on the activities of your operations. Particularly so for trailers, which make up half of the average transport and logistics company’s assets. 

Our N-dure solution to trailer tracking goes beyond basic location tracking. With N-dure a fleet manager enjoys other advantages over and above knowing exactly where a trailer is at any particular time. As any fleet manager can tell you there is more to managing a trailer than just knowing where it is. 

High trailer fleet utilisation to feed your bottom line

Our customers have seen an increase in fleet utilisation, enough to reduce their fleet size by 2%. Fleets need their trailers to be productive. They are expensive to own, more so when taking into account all the running costs involved. By running a utilisation analysis and knowing the needs of a company fleet, the productivity oversight and planning of the trailer use can be monitored to see if it is being used to its full potential and the operational condition it is in. By having this revenue-generating asset in optimal running condition a company is better set to meeting its bottom-line targets. 

Improved trailer maintenance 

Maintenance scheduling which is planned routinely by time period, and not based on actual trailer use causes unnecessary trailer downtime. By monitoring actual trailer use maintenance is cheaper and more efficient. A fleet owner can achieve a reduction of 35% in maintenance costs which can amount to around €17,500 for a fleet of 500 trailers. 

Reduction in trailer theft, loss and unauthorised use

Our average customer has seen a reduction of 50% in trailer theft or loss saving around €20,000 for a fleet of 500 trailers. By setting up geofencing alerts a fleet manager, or designated user, can opt to be warned immediately should an asset be removed from a particular area without authorisation. By eliminating guesswork and any room for error, appropriate real-time information can be provided to the police, aiding in the quick recovery of stolen assets. 

Time-saving through quick localisation 

Possibly the most obvious benefit to trailer localisation is the time saved on trailer parking lot hunts. However, when one quantifies the time wasted on trailer parking lot hunts, which can be prevented simply with the use of GPS tracking, this benefit becomes even more obvious. A trailer parking lot with 500 assets wastes around 12 hours per week on trailer searching. At a cost of €30 per hour, this amounts to over €18,700 per year. Not only is that helping your bottom line but also reduce the time your yard planner spends searching a particular asset. Need we say more? 

Ready to make your investment in N-dure back in 10-12 months, and a profit of around €550,000 within 5 years? Contact us on [email protected] or call us on +31(76) 886 22 05.

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