Route42 brings aircraft technology to the truck!

The correct amount

It has been normal for many years in aviation: filling up the right amount of fuel for a planned flight, including the correct margin. Not too much, not too little. Just exactly right. This does not happen in the transport sector, but now you can change that for your fleet. Route42 brings aircraft technology to the truck.

Insight is key

Daily questions such as ‘can I plan a trip or is there too little fuel in the tank?’ Or ‘do we always drive with too much fuel in the trucks?’ get a good answer quickly.

With the smart Route42 calculator you can make your fuel usage very easy to understand.
Based on your tank content and the canbus, Route42 calculates the range of your truck. With this you can win on efficiency and that yields more than you might think.


If you use your fuel more efficiently, you can realize huge savings. Unnecessary fuel in your tank? This is more weight and therefore simply higher costs. Do not do this! Get notifications when you need to refuel, find the cheapest fuel stop and keep your money in your pocket.

Make your trucks also fly high and contact us:
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