Verhoek Europe improves logistics processes with Route42 N-dure.

Route42 is a flexible club that really adds intelligence to our business that makes a difference

Ronald Mijnen, Fleet Manager at Verhoek Europe.

Genemuiden 07-03-2018- Verhoek Europe is a fast growing international logistics service provider with more than 1000 assets. The company will equip all trailers and forklifts with the N-dure system from Route42. In this way, Verhoek Europe wants to realise one of their strategic ambitions; improving the logistics processes to increase productivity and quality.

With the N-dure system, Verhoek Europe can see which trailers and forklifts are on the way and where they are located at any time of the day. Moreover Verhoek Europe can also get insight with the data from the system by leveraging average waiting times on customer sites, docks and barriers by using data from the system, enabling better cost calculations.

The N-dure system enables Verhoek Europe to see (at any moment of the day) which trailers and forklifts are on their way en where they are. Furthermore, Verhoek Europe can get insights by utilising the data from the system. Get to see the average waiting times at the terrains of customer (e.g. at the docks and barriers), enabling you to make better cost calculations.

“Route42 is a flexible club that really adds intelligence to our business that makes a difference. We are getting better insights with the N-dure in the utilisation of our trailers and forklifts. With this knowledge, we can give our customers better service with in-time deliveries. We can spare time and efficiently utilise our material. Furthermore, the value for money is spot on at Route42. We really see this as a fruitful beginning to a successful partnership” says Ronald Mijnen, Fleet Manager at Verhoek Europe

Also more efficiency on forklifts with N-dure
Besides trailers, forklifts get equipped with the N-dure to also gain more efficiency. Companies can track down forklifts at an accuracy of one minute, enabling insights of running hours. This is very useful for scheduling timely maintenance. Moreover, this insight helps Verhoek Europe to see if the forklifts are used efficiently.

Route42 N-dure, insight into materials
The N-dure is an extremely flexible and powerful unit that provides insights into towed equipment every minute of the day. This makes clear, for example, where the trailers are and which route has been taken. Searching for trailers is therefore a thing of the past!

About Verhoek Europe
Verhoek Europe is a logistics service provider with almost 65 years of experience in the field. As a family business, with roots in the carpet industry, Verhoek Europe has grown into a professional and versatile international service provider where quality, commitment, service and availability go hand in hand. Verhoek Europe has a fleet of more than 1000 units and more than 900 employees work from 11 branches in Europe on logistics solutions for customers.

About Route42
Route42 will revolutionise the transport sector by combining advanced asset technology with a powerful Transport Intelligence Platform. We offer transport companies many opportunities to improve their business in areas such as cost efficiency, increased safety and sustainability of both truck and trailer. Route42 offers one universal Intelligence Platform to which the most diverse sensors can be connected. With our extensive toolset, of analysed cloud-based data, the transporter receives workable and real-time insights from its fleet.

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