Lubbers Logistics partners up with Route42 to get more profit out of their trailer park

With Route42 we now have a partner who can contribute to this with smart solutions

Mark Lommers Operations Manager Lubbers

Schoonebeek – Transport company Lubbers Logistics Group will use Route42’s fleet Intelligence Platform to get more grip on its trailer park. This allows Lubbers to use its trailer park even more efficiently and not to waste unnecessary time searching for trailers.

N-dure unlocks the data

To unlock the data, an N-dure will be mounted on each trailer. This robust hardware solution provides access to position data and can be extended with other sensors for more applications. The powerful battery pack ensures that when the trailer is disconnected it is still ‘online’ for at least 4 months.

ADR compliant

Lubbers guarantees safe and reliable travel thanks to the care and dedication that is devoted to the transport of dangerous goods and loads. For example, the N-dure is also subject to the mandatory RDW inspection.

Smart solutions

Lubbers is continuously looking to improve its business and ensure high reliability to its customers. Due to a large diversity of high-quality trailer equipment, it is important for Lubbers that it is a flexible system so that the fleet can be monitored in various ways. “With Route42 we now have a partner who can contribute to this with smart solutions” says Mark Lommers Operations Manager Lubbers. With this solution we have always the right insights into our equipment and maintenance needs as well as the capacity utilisation of our trailer park.

Together on the road

“We are very proud to be working with a large company such as Lubbers who specialises in exceptional transport with the associated requirements,” says Max Zillinger CCO Route42.

The first trailers have now been linked to the Route42 platform and the rest of Lubbers’ trailer park will be equipped in the coming weeks.

About Lubbers

The Lubbers Logistics Group (Lubbers) is a private company that offers specialised international transport services for the oil and gas industry. Our company is driven by quality and considers customer service and satisfaction to be of paramount importance. The Lloyds qualifications have been acquired at group level in order to meet the requirements and specifications of our customers. The company network consists of 13 European sites in important locations for the oil and gas industry: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Romania and Poland. We also have alliances in Norway and Turkey.

About Route42

Route42 is a young and dynamic company that develops smart solutions using technology and ICT to make the transport sector more sustainable, safer and more cost-efficient. Through the unique combination of far-reaching motor skills and ICT expertise, Route42 not only offers interesting insights, but also goes further to realise active and intelligent solutions. Route42 offers one universal platform to which the most diverse sensors can be connected. A range of apps can then be used to manage all aspects of the truck and trailer: from safety to remote diagnostics.


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