18000 Dashcam videos sent to the cloud.

More than 20 million kilometers optimized.


N-able the future


Suitable for each truck brand and broad range of sensors

Powerful and Flexible

Ability to connect multiple video streams and accessing large amount of relevant data

Open platform

Develop your own unique proposition

Engineering and online expertise

Seamless integration with the CANbus and cloud-based solutions

Our Connected Solutions

Driving behaviourMore COACHING, more cost savings

Get real-time notifications so you can take immediate action. Compare the performance of your drivers with other conveyors. Instant insights in dangerous events happening near your fleet! You enrich your insights on events with the dashcam and eye tracking.

DashcamThe Silent Witness

Videos safely and directly into the cloud at an 'event'. Each video is supported with valuable data such as speed and location for better understanding of the event.

Remote DiagnosticsAvoid unnecessary costs

Direct insight into error codes. The error codes are provided with context to make a first diagnosis remotely; Finish ride or drive to nearest service center.

Fuelsavemore insights, more savings

Real-time insight into your fuel consumption. Smart parameters and tips that will help you to save up on your fuel costs.

The leading track and trace solution for your trailers


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Pricing plans

All prices are VAT. excluded


N-able: Smartprice per truck, per month
  • from
  • € 21,49

  • App 1: Driving behaviour
  • App 2: Fuelsave
  • App 3: Track
  • Incl. 200Mb data national
  • N-able: € 499,- (pay once)

Free trial

N-able: Startprice per truck, per month
  • from
  • € 39,99

  • App 1: Driving behaviour
  • App 2: Fuelsave
  • App 3: Track
  • Incl. 200Mb data national
  • N-able: € 0,00

Free trial

N-Dure: Go per unit, per month
  • from
  • € 4,99

  • App 1: Track
  • App 2: Trace
  • App 3: Driven KMs
  • Incl. 5Mb international data
  • N-Dure: € 249,-