Route 42 is a young and dynamic startup

That dares to go where others fear to tread. In other words, we develop smart solutions by bringing together technical and technological components of a vehicle in a considerably innovative way. Such approach has many benefits, of course, such as an increase of cost-efficiency and safety. The uniquely combination of car engine and IT expertise allows not only for a reasonable number of interesting insights, but also to continue developing groundbreaking solutions.

An ambitious idea was born

Since march 2015, brothers Jasper and Max den Dopper decided to put their technical and online expertise respectively, into the service of an ambitious idea – Route 42. Jasper, the startup’s engine expert, has worked for many years in the automotive sector and firmly believes that much output from specialized literature has still been relatively unexplored. As to Max, Route42’s online visionary, he’s certain that the future will belong to online applications in countless fields including, naturally, the automotive market.


This lead to the beginning of Route42 – the innovative meeting point between online and mechanics in multiple fresh solutions. Route42’s utmost goal is, of course, to have their tech products running on every truck. In order to achieve such bold aim, Route42 works closely with manufacturers, developers, resellers, insurers and consumers.


Max Zillinger

Marketing & sales

Jasper Den Dopper


Max Den Dopper


Loc Tran

Lead Developer

The meaning of 42: an answer to everything

Did you know that “42” is the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything, according to Douglas Adams ‘ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

Such an answer is sought by pandimensional beings who intensely desire to know the meaning of life. They build a computer called Deep Thought and ask it to find an answer to the aforementioned question. The computer calculates an elapse of 7.5 million years and provides the number 42. If the answer is 42, there can only be a path to it: Route42.