Take the trip to instant improvement

The transport business is rapidly changing: Platooning, alternative fuels, freight matching platforms, more demanding customers, CO2 norms, and even more developments and digitization will transform the business completely. These developments are unstoppable. The question therefore is not if but when you will make your organization future-proof?

Route42’s fleet intelligence platform will give you the fuel and take you on that trip leading to instant improvement on efficiency, sustainability and safety. By unlocking existing and future data resources we will help you to fully utilize this in your business and getting ready for the future. 

Real Time insights, smart analysis and the right tools will give great results like:

  • 3-10% saving on fuel
  • 12% extra decline in driving behavior events with the help of an advanced dashcam
  • 1,5% utilization improvement over your total asset 

And this is just the start! The right input for freight matching platforms, normalized monitoring on different fuels, types and further integrations with tms etc, will allow you to stand out from your competition in the near future.

How do we know? Many leading transports like Jan de Rijk, Daily Logistics group, GVT, St vd Brink, Koopman, Suez, Verhoek, Limpens and other important sector parties as TVM, Hello Mobility, SmartwayZ.nl already take the step toward to digital transformation together with Route42. So, don’t miss out and get started today! [email protected]

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