Ancotrans selects Route42 as their partner for fleet intelligence

Northern Europe’s leading container transport service Ancotrans has chosen Route42 as their fleet intelligence solution after a successful pilot. The pilot has shown promising results and therefore a phased roll-out across the entire organization has already begun. Ancotrans operates in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Process controller Ancotrans Jens Christensen ‘our vision is to become the leading European container trucking company. Smarter fleet management is a tool to help us ensure that we achieve this goal. One of our long-term focus areas is digitalization and automation.
Starting working with Route42’s intelligence platform helps us take a big step towards becoming more digital and automated’.

In order to manage the Ancotrans fleet smarter and more efficiently, data driven fleet management is the solution. The Route42 platform enables Ancotrans to achieve significant results in terms of improve driving behaviour and fuel savings:

Improving driving behaviour
There are several systems on the market that collect fleet data. So, what makes the Route42 intelligence platform different? Well that is easy. We don’t just collect and show Ancotrans data, but give them actionable insights that they can act on immediately. We not only provide
insight into various parameters (like: hard braking, bumping, tilting, accelerating too hard, coasting and the use of cruise control) we also show exactly where it happens on a map. This makes efficiency coaching on driving behaviour a lot easier. Not only for the coach, but
the driver also gets the same insights in his own driver app that he can put to work. Hotspots make it possible to coach a whole group (based on a fair comparison) on locations where a lot of events occur. A large fleet with many drivers provides a challenge in terms of coaching.
Ancotrans now only has to focus on outliners. This is what we call actionable insights.

Fuel save
In addition to improving driving behaviour, Ancotrans is also going to work with the Fuelsave solution from Route42. From now on, they will be able to accurately monitor the fuel consumption of each truck per journey. From driving on motorways with a full loading to
idling during a short stop, everything is being recorded. This information gives the fleet manager insight into how efficiently the trucks are actually driving. This provides a better grip on fuel consumption, which can quickly lead to considerable fuel savings. Savings, of
course, are always welcome. But this also results in reduced CO2 emissions. One of the DNA pillars of Ancotrans.

About Ancotrans
Ancotrans is the market leader within container road transport and one of Denmark’s oldest family owned and managed companies. Since the 1970s their primary activity has been transport of all types of shipping containers. With offices in Gothenburg, Helsingborg,
Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Hamburg and Rotterdam they transport all types of containers to and from all of the most important ports and terminals in northern Europe. The vision of Ancotrans is to become the leading container trucker in European. It is their daily task to offer container transport with the lowest CO2 emissions on the market. Ancotrans had around 750 trucks and 1700 chassis on the road every single day.

About Route42
Route42, leader in data-driven fleet management, is revolutionising the transport sector with accessible business intelligence. They are at the cutting edge of smart data, knowledge and technology of transport companies’ vehicles, offering a world of insights and opportunities.
No data dumps, but concrete data that works for the transport entrepreneur. On average, customers see an 18% improvement in driving behaviour when they successfully use the Route42 analytical suite.

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