Three projects of Fontys are receiving large, four-year grants within the RAAK-PRO regime of SIA. It is about the projects Progress with Electric Transport in Cities (VETIS), Printing makes Sense and e-Exercise lower back pain.

VETIS has a duration of 4 years and employees of the studies Automotive, Engineering and ICT (Big Data) will participate for Fontys. But there is also help from outside: Breytner and Hermes as carriers in Rotterdam and Eindhoven and in addition also TNO, VDL, Route42 and others. “The biggest effort in this project comes from us, but we really need those partners. Thanks to the cooperation we can later find out exactly which decisions lead to which energy consumption. And that under various circumstances, because you can imagine that the use under bright sunshine is different than with storm or frost.” To read the entire article, click here.