Whenever you go to a fashion show, you get a glimpse of the future. All clothings presented there seem a bit far off, but there’s one specific kind of garment that is slightly creeping into them that doesn’t seem awkward at all:smart clothing. Why? Because in many ways, in many different fields it will make our lives much better. Would you like to have just one piece of clothing that can change colour according to the occasion? Or a piece of apparel that would bring paintball games to another and totally awesome level?Smart clothing’s main function of course is monitoring the human body in a very precise way through the sensors that are integrated into the garment.

At Route 42, we’ll be developing the first fully connected race suit which, as everything we do, will make driving more safe and efficient, in this case mainly under extreme conditions. Think, for instance, of the Dakar rally. Route 42’s smart suit would be able to gather data as to heart rate and body temperature, in order to prevent dehydration. Our smart suit will totally make a difference in such contexts; this technology can ensure that no one will succumb to dehydration as sadly has happen very recently.

So do you have a feel for e-textiles? Are very familiar with digital design? Then, this might be your chance to a create a piece of smart clothing that makes driving safe regardless of the environmental conditions.