Reefer monitoring
Intelligence with (our) hardware.

Solutions of the Your own hardware

Blijf op de hoogte. Bespaar geld. Rij veiliger.

Breid je kennis uit met onze N-dure Plus of reeds aangeschafte hardware.

Optimise operations
Automated notifications to  planner and driver when temperature exceeds the temperature boundaries.
Increase customer satisfaction

Our affordable reefer management solution logs all temperatures in-transit to prevent product spoilage and rejected deliveries.

Automated temperature logging

Eliminate manual record keeping with our automated temperature log files.

Keep your head cool with Temperature Monitoring

Keeping the temperature is of (vital) importance for some types of transport. Our temperature monitoring application gives the opportunity to serve as proof. Set alarms for certain lower or upper limits and stay informed.

Connect even more sensors to gain more insights into your cargo.

Our system is designed in such a way that multiple external sensors can be connected. For example, door locks or other sensors.

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