Full control
on operations

Easy to use dashboards give insights into cost saving opportunities in matter of seconds. Via alerts and our fleetbot, fleet managers can automatically coach drivers and drive transport margins. Saving 1000’s of euro’s per asset.

Optimize operations: Integrate data insights to improve planning quality.

Automated messages: Automatically coach drivers with board computer integrations and smartphone apps.

Notification center: Get notified any way you like with custom integrations (email, sms, board computer, Telegram, Slack and much more).

Data Intelligence platform

Transfer your data into transport intelligence and value by:

Effortlessly bring your existing logistical data sources like planning, existing fms, charters together, without the need to set up and maintain complex software integrations.

Data becomes smart data by infusing your data with weather, asset information, traffic data.

Algoritmes and peer to peer data comparison and data science suite identify logistical and operational cost saving opportunities on fuel, logistical performance, predictive safety hazards and much more.

Connect and transform
your business

Transform your business with our generic and affordable hardware solutions for truck, trailer and other logistical assets.

  • Unmatched amount of intelligence with Dashcam
  • Driving behavior
  • Fuel theft
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Fuel save
  • Temperature
  • Trailer tracking
  • Temperature & cargo monitoring enable full cargo control